EBSM is a simulation model of the Egyptian Banking System at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University and the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University and we have a branch at Helwan, Alexandria and Sohag Universities with the partnership of the Egyptian Banking Institute and Banque Misr. It aims to teach the student all about the Egyptian banking system; its history, its importance, the fundamental role it plays to support the economic and social development. It introduces the different banking operations, identifies trade finance and anti-money-laundering requirements, and helps the students acquire the knowledge and necessary skills in banking and monetary transactions.

Our vision is to provide senior students with proper training and education to prepare them for working in the banking sector. Also, the model benefits from these students through their suggestions for developing the banking and monetary services to match the needs of the younger generations.

Also there is an important event for our delegates and the other students, it is the Global Money Week. It is an event with the cooperation with the Egyptian Banking Institute and it aims to publish the banking awareness among the whole students of various universities.

Our delegates are divided into two parts; The Juniors for the first three years’ students and The Seniors for the fourth year students. For the juniors (1st ,2nd and 3rd year students), there will be professional instructors from a bank to help know more about the banking sector in Egypt. For the fourth year students only there will be professional instructors from the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI). The instructor makes sure that the students fully understand the material of the model, and helps them formulate new ideas for the banking sector.

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